DIY Cake Stand

DSC_4164I got married a few months ago and for some reason everything is more complicated where I live. We found a baker we loved, but she could only provide white plastic stands for our cake. I considered other options but simply didn’t have the time or money to hunt for something perfect and using something made of plastic simply wouldn’t work. So, my husband-to-be created the perfect cake stand for me.


The construction is simple – screw feet into a piece of wood and paint. We chose to use round wooden feet we found in the craft area at Michaels and affix them to a 14″ diameter plywood circle. We had hoped to find a precut circle but after searching high and low we had to give up and have my granddad cut one for us out of a piece of scrap wood from my dad’s garage. Since then, we have found circles of wood in various diameters everywhere – Michaels, Hobby Lobby, ACE Hardware, and more, so if you choose to create your own, you should have an easier time finding the supplies you need.DSC_4149

After sanding, Tyler then drilled four holes at equidistant locations around the perimeter of the board and attached the feet with screws. The screws are visible from the top of the cake stand, but for the wedding, we covered the surface with decorative paper. Primer, paint, and sealer were applied with a mini-roller and given ample time to dry. IMG_2217

For the wedding, I attached trim with double sided tape and tied floral decorations on with ribbon. The simple design makes this craft a perfect vehicle for all sorts of decorations. The top and the sides are smooth, flat surfaces perfect for any kind of adornment. Most cakes I bake are not anywhere near 14″ in diameter, so this is also an ideal serving plate for cupcakes and other desserts.


This project offers so many opportunities for creativity – it is so customizable! You could make it nearly any shape if you have access to a saw or stick with a simple square or rectangle. A square shape with square feet would be a nice, modern option or a starburst shape in a bright color would be really fun to offset a beautiful white cake. I considered a lot of different trims – a stripe of grosgrain ribbon down the center would be really cute – so check out your local fabric store to get inspired. I imagine that a large cake stand like this could be dressed up for the perfect little girls’ tea party (or big girls’ tea party!).


Even if you have to buy your own wood and are not lucky enough to use a scrap piece like we did, the total cost of this project is less than $20, making it perfect for brides (or bakers!) on a budget. The fact that this serving piece can be reused for years to come makes it not only a wonderful memento but a practical addition to your kitchen.


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