Before and After – Rusty Metal Box Becomes Chic Office Organizer


With garage sale season in high gear, it’s the perfect time to pick up a few “treasures”. I spotted this vintage metal organizer at a local thrift store for $11. (There were even “bonus” papers inside dating from the 1960s!) Factor in two bottles of spray paint at 4$ a bottle + the drawer labels I designed and printed myself, and I have a new organizer for my office supplies that rang up at less than $20 – significantly less than even the ubiquitous metal drawers from IKEA. At the moment this beauty is on felt pads but adding wheels may make it even better. Thoughts?


The cheerful sky blue color is a perfect accent for my office – which features black, white, and grey as the dominant colors and is totally unique. Once again, cleaning, sanding, and a few coats of paint were the only things necessary to turn trash into treasure.



2 thoughts on “Before and After – Rusty Metal Box Becomes Chic Office Organizer

    • Why, sharp and pointy things, of course! Mostly scissors, exacto knives, rotary cutters and the like. I have separate storage for all my sewing supplies so no needles, pins or that variety of pointy.

      The labels are designed to be a.) fun and b.) to help Tyler figure out where things are ; )

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