iTunes Podcast Spotlight – DIY

Like many of you, I received a Podcast Spotlight from iTunes yesterday highlighting several DIY podcasts. I was excited to check these out – the podcasts range in length from under five minutes to more than a half hour and offer free ideas, instructions and sometimes even video guides for a variety of DIY crafts and projects. Did I mention these are free? Although I was more interested in the craft podcasts, there are even home improvement podcasts with ideas and advice for homeowners remodeling their abode or preparing their house for sale.

Here are a few podcasts I particularly enjoyed:

Threadbanger – D.I.Y. Fashion & Style
Episode: DIY Weddings Part 1, Décor it Yourself – 5:00 minutes
My favorite part of this episode was the tutorial for creating your own seating chart made out of paper birds hung from the branches of a miniature tree – this would be cute in any season!

DIY Style
These podcasts are only a few minutes long and demonstrate various sewing techniques on video and suggest different sewing project ideas. The sewing tutorials were particularly good. This is a great way for beginner sewers to get familiar with techniques like gathering, and shortening zippers without taking a class or bugging grandma for help.

CRAFT Magazine – CRAFT Podcast
CRAFT Video: Embroidery 101 at Maker Faire – 10:29 minutes
CRAFT Pattern Podcast : Plush Squid
This podcast is produced by the makers of CRAFT magazine (the old fashioned kind printed on paper that you can find in bookstores etc). They offer both video podcasts that present instructions for a specific project as well as downloadable project templates and designs. The podcasts are excellent and easy to understand but I especially like the downloadable patterns. There are a ton of cute ideas – especially for anyone with a child or who has not outgrown toys themselves.

There are an abundance of other podcasts on iTunes with ideas ranging from the cute to the bizarre. Check out the iTunes store on your own computer and search for “DIY” or click here to dive right in.


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