Create your Own… Banana Trap!


Okay, so it’s actually a trap for catching fruit flies that uses a banana and is unlikely to snare any unsuspecting bananas (other than the sacrificial one inside). Lately our house has become overrun with fruit flies and this is my first attempt at dealing with them. Part of making our home beautiful is eliminating the elements that are not and doing so in a way that is healthy and harmonious. According to various online sources, fruit flies can get in to the jar but cannot get out. Sounds perfect!

What I used:

  • Clean, empty jar
  • Half a banana
  • Saran Wrap
  • Rubberband
  • Pin

The process is simple. Place a banana in a clean, empty jar. Cover opening with saran wrap and secure with a rubberband. Poke a few small holes into the plastic wrap and wait for the fruit flies to come!

Hopefully it is just that easy. It’s been a half hour since I set up our trap… so far no takers. I am dying to see this jar filled to the brim with little winged creatures, but I admit I am not sure what to do with them once collection is complete. Ideas?





5 thoughts on “Create your Own… Banana Trap!

  1. Following advice from a facebook friend, I added rum to the bottom of the jar. Nearly two weeks later I have caught at least a dozen fruit flies. There don’t seem to be any buzzing around inside the house anymore, either, so I call this a win! It did require patience, but this was some good, old-fashioned, all-natural bug-killin’.

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