Help! Design Dilemma in the Hardware Dept.

I need your help! I am in the process of beautifying my office and it is time to address a very important place – my desk. The desk is large and angular in a clean, fresh way. It has been painted a matte black and there is just one problem… it is missing a drawer knob! I took the original knob off more than a year ago. It was ugly and I just couldn’t have that. I replaced it with a vintage crystal knob I found at Uncommon Objects only to have that knob shatter in my hand (making for a fun time cleaning up glass shards).

I have narrowed my wish list down to these few. I like the vintage feel and want to avoid anything overly fluffy or feminine. The knob will be a bit of eye candy in my mostly neutral office and I want it to evoke a calm, stylish, scholarly feel and be unique and a bit unexpected. Which of these fits the bill?


Above: All from Anthropologie.


Above: Humphrey the Whale Pewter Knob by fisforfrank $21.00 on Etsy


Above: Vintage White Porcelain Hot Cold Faucet Knobs by Ruby Beets $15.00 on Etsy


Above: Vintage Large Garden Water Faucet Knob by sushipotparts $6.00 on Etsy

Finally, a knob I have been eyeing on ebay for some time now, crafted in one of my favorite shapes: a nautilus shell.
Siro Designs Caribe Knob (67-126) Nautilus for $5.86

So now you understand my dilemma. Which to choose! Do you have any suggestions of your own?


4 thoughts on “Help! Design Dilemma in the Hardware Dept.

  1. Personally, I think the Arthurian, the Chronograph, or maybe the Nautilus are my favorites. We should go doorknob shopping! Heh…um, what have you been up to? We should meet up sometime soon since I will be leaving August 1st, so this is my last full weekend in Kansas! Hope you and Tyler are doing well!

    P.S. – I also love Richard Strauss (just got a record from my little sister of Strauss)!

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