Plant Vitals – Garden Card Catalog


In my ongoing quest to extend my “goddess” reign into all spheres of life, I have begun dabbling in the garden. I have bought a few plants and planted a few seeds. Although I am not new to gardening, my expertise is limited. Staying organized and informed is my first method of attack, so I created a template for a plant info card in Adobe InDesign and transfered the information from the cards that came with the plants so that I could keep the info in a convenient, easy-to-use format that standardized the facts I need at my fingertips.


I printed the cards out and trimmed them to a 4″x6″ size before punching a hole in the middle of each card and hanging them from a jumbo paper clip. You could also organize cards like these on a metal ring, string them on twine or ribbon, or file them away in a small recipe box, perhaps organizing by name or type of plant. Cards made to common sizes like 3.5″x5″ or 4″x6″ would also fit in small photo books or laminated organizational sheets to insert into binders. You could even jump on board the clothespin trend and hang the info cards in your gardening area for functional decoration.


If you are not inclined to create your own template on the computer, this would be easy to replicate by copying info by hand onto notecards or even photocopying the plant info tags onto cardstock. My printer uses waterproof ink and you may wish to print your cards the same way so they do not get damaged by that life-giving moisture so often found near plants and gardens.


The back of the cards was left blank and provides the perfect spot for me to make my own notes. I love organizational projects like this and am considering other applications. This might make a good way to retain notes on warranty information for appliances or care instructions for seasonal clothing items.


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