Yet Another… DIY Marker Board!


Lately this has been the project du jour on all the design/craft/home blogs — variation on a theme of a markerboard. There are some truly inspirational projects out there and what I love the most is the melding of functionality and style whether you choose a markerboard, chalkboard, or some other way to organize your thoughts. I was able to use an old clipboard that had fallen into disuse (mostly due to its intense ugliness, and my tendency to lose things in the gigantic pile clipped to the board) and some leftover scraps of posterboard, stickers, ribbon, and contact paper, bringing my total cost for this project to $0.


The basic format for this project involves:
* Finding a base (in this case it was a clipboard, but could easily be cardboard, MDF, or any decently hard surface)
* Depending on your surface, you can next customize the shape. I stuck with rectangular.
* Preparing the surface – you can paint, cover with paper, and more! I applied a thin layer of modge podge and applied a piece of white posterboard that I precut to fit.
* Decorating! This is the part where I placed stickers and ribbon on my board.
* More modge podge! I applied another layer of modge podge over the top of my decorations, creating horizontal texture for visual interest.
* Covering the entire surface with clear contact paper.



Customized clipboards or marker boards are great ways to create a personalized, reusable to-do list, chore list, or to track everything from your social calendar to a busy family schedule. I could see someone creating a custom marker board for a kitchen to jot down cooking notes and recipes you are dying to make or using something like this to track weekly spending, clipping receipts until your next bank statement arrives.

A few more examples from around the web:

Do you have any project ideas to share? I’d love to see pictures of your own marker board or clip board projects! Keep the inspiration coming : )


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