25 Things to Do Before 25


I turned 24 on Thursday and began thinking about my next milestone, the quarter century mark. Here are at least 25 things I plan to accomplish before August 6, 2010.


  • 1. Assemble a writing portfolio
  • 2. Reassemble a graphic design portfolio
  • 3. Finish wedding photos – sort, coordinate with photographer, and get them posted online for friends/family
  • 4. Design a new blog site myself, no more of this template stuff!


  • 5. Run a race (I have not done this before because I know the outcome [slower than most] but I’ve always been curious)
  • 6. Rejoin the WFSC (I miss you guys!)
  • 7. Take a yoga class (I’ve done yoga before, but I want to ensure I have a proper understanding)
  • 8. Take a dance class (I’ve taken many dance classes in my time but not in years and years – I miss it!)


  • 9. Read Animal Farm
  • 10. Finish writing my first book
  • 11. Read something by Vonnegut

Gastronomic Adventures

  • 12. Buy a madeline tin and bake madelines
  • 13. Bake brioche
  • 14. Find a red wine I like
  • 15. Roast coffee beans
  • 16. Bake bagels
  • 17. Bake pretzels
  • 18. Deep fry something (for Tyler)

Experiences and Skills

  • 19. Plant a vegetable garden
  • 20. Go to a farmers’ market
  • 21. Learn at least one new craft skill – knitting, quilting, etc.
  • 22. Reupholster my office chair
  • 23. Listen to chamber music at least once (what was once a staple in my life is now a rarity!)

>> 24. Cook pulled pork

>> 25. Cook ribs

These are a few things I want/need to get done in the next year. Many of them are new, and a few of them are things that have disappeared from my life that I want to reclaim. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “25 Things to Do Before 25

  1. #14 — Have you tried Riunite – Lambrusco Emilia?? It’s really yummy, fairly cheap, and easy to find. If you try it let me know what you think!


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