Media Console Has a Baby Brother!


He did not arrive carried by the wings of a stork, but last weekend our household was blessed with a wee little one, albeit outfitted in metal and wood and not a tiny terry cloth outfit. Tyler constructed a petite version of the media console I wrote about here to form a super-awesome L-shaped media storage extravaganza. The materials used and the process followed are identical, so refer to the original post for instructions. I wanted to maximize our storage space and the new “leg” utilizes empty space from behind the front door. It also forms an L shape that will mimic the shape of our new sectional. I plan to purchase either vintage wire baskets or galvanized metal planters to store outdoor accessories (gloves, umbrellas) as well as some of our Wii toys.


I was in too much of a hurry to share my new baby with you to get many good pictures. If you need or want to see more detail, let me know and I will get something up that is in better focus.


The finished length is 32″, exactly 1/3 as long as our main unit. You could build a unit like this with one 8′ board cut into 3 equal-sized pieces, 4 threaded rods, 24 washers, 24 nuts, and 4 casters. We liked the flexibility of building two pieces – we felt we would be able to use these storage units in many configurations for many different purposes when we move.


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