Post-Party Evaluation

The anniversary party I have been helping with is over and it was a great success. This Saturday my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary surrounded by friends, family, and lots of good food and drinks. I will be posting pictures from the party soon, but my camera is outside in the car. It happens to be raining outside, so I will not be posting pics today. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the party theme was a variation on the “golden” standard, as I reinvented the traditional celebration in shades of yellow accented with crisp white, hints of blue, and lots of fun polka dots and prints. Check below for my color palette as well as a freebie!

We did have the crucial ingredients for a good party – excellent guests and plenty of delicious refreshments (not to mention a wee bit of alcohol), but I think the real reason the event was so wonderful was the fact that it was so selfless. Each of us who helped throw the soiree together was doing it for no other reason than to make grandma and granddad happy and to recognize their significant achievement. It’s not always easy for even one person to commit to a selfless act for another person, let alone a group of people. It was really special and I am glad I got to help honor my grandparents in this way.


yellowstripedpaperAnd now – for a freebie!! Free patterned scrapbooking  paper! I designed the image to the left to use for a lot of the party decorations. If you click the thumbnail to the left, you will be able to access a high-quality (300 pixels/inch) version of this file, weighing in at 2550 x 3300 pixels. This was designed as a letter-sized piece of paper. I designed this file and am giving it to you, my wonderful readers, just for being wonderful. If you like this, I will continue posting some free downloads now and then, so show your love by leaving a comment. Enjoy!


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