Trend to Watch: Lace

It seems like lace has been popping up everywhere lately. Lace, and its grandmotherly sister, the doily, have been gracing the design blog world for months now. Yesterday I stumbled across a gorgeous etsy site featuring jewelry made from vintage lace and for the first time I started considering lace as a viable, non-elderly design option. Not only are these inspiring, they would make gorgeous pieces for a bride (and/or bridesmaids), especially if you are striving for a modern spin on a vintage, romantic feel.



lace3Above from the shop of White Owl at

These pieces have a soft, sculptural quality that is very provoking. As alluring as they would look accenting the line of a woman’s collarbone or the curve of her neck, they may be equally interesting as inspiration for home decor.

I find myself pondering the topic of appliques and wondering if it is time for a revival of that decorating technique. Appliques in other forms (wool felt flowers, for instance) have been popping up on pillows and the like for a while now. I wonder if a simple, clean-lined chair upholstered in a quiet grey wool would look good accented with a lacy decoration, contrasting soul-pleasing simplicity with a bit of filigree to excite the eye. Although not an applique, this project utilizes a doily as the seat of a piece of industrial/modern furniture.

If I’ve already sold you on the idea of lace as decoration, here are a few lace-related craft projects to put to the test:

Have any other ideas? Is lace a rising trend or an unfortunate side-effect of the “granny-chic” movement?


2 thoughts on “Trend to Watch: Lace

  1. Oooh I LOVE that black lace necklace. So granny-chic. 🙂

    I think it would be very cool to simply frame cuts of lace as if they were silhouettes, and cluster a trio on a wall. Love your ideas!

  2. I love lace! I made some crochet lace Christmas ornaments a few years ago, and some lace earrings that I absolutely adored!! I want…no NEED…that black lace necklace!

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