Finishing vs. Starting

It seems like people belong to one of two camps when it comes to projects. There are the finishers and there are the starters. I am one of the later. Starting a new project gives me far more joy and creative satisfaction than finishing one, which leads to obvious clutter problems in my craft closet. There are literally baskets with half-started projects stacked neatly (and sometimes not-so-neatly) on the shelves. A few months ago I made the determination that I could not buy any new projects (this means I have not been to any thrift stores or garage sales all summer! Too much potential fodder for my addiction!) or new project accoutrements (like new papers, ribbons, stamps, etc.). If I buy something, it is supposed to be intended for a specific item and not just as stock for my future files. Anyway, as with other things we don’t like, it is difficult for me to find the motivation to finish these things.

Finish (this week [?]):

  • Trays (blogged about here) that needed sanding and a final coat of polyurethane
  • Paint touchups on trim in living room (from blinds that we removed last week… or was it already two weeks ago?!)
  • Office projects: decorative treatment on my desk lights, sew slipcover for office chair, charging station
  • Sort and put away TONS of stuff (I am finally moving all my stuff out of my parents house and have to do something with it!)
  • Sort through pictures from the 50th Anniversary Party and make a scrapbook for my grandparents

Once I finish these things (and a few others…) I can start on some new projects! These are a few of the ideas bouncing around inside my head, but who knows what will be unleashed when I give myself greater creative latitude!


  • sconces for dining room
  • lantern chandelier for dining room (like this one)
  • reupholster vintage slipper chair
  • shadowbox project for one of my childhood toys
  • pretty office supplies (like these!)
  • design a special recipe booklet for family favorites (we recently stole some from my grandma’s kitchen!)
  • design the invitations for a wedding shower for my friends Rich & Steph (yay! I love invitations…)

What is on your list? What do you need to plow through before you can get to the good stuff? Or do you get more satisfaction from a job well done than from starting something new?


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