Inspiration Board – Tropical Wedding Shower

weddingshowerinspboard2It seems like everyone with a wedding, design, decor, or fashion blog these days features inspiration boards. Guess who is jumping on the bandwagon! I love this concept for its ability to help focus the tone of an event. In this case, the event is a casual couples wedding shower for two of my friends.

They are getting married October 10, 2009 back in their home state of Vermont so most of us Kansans are going to have to miss the fun. In lieu of actually attending their nuptials, my husband and I are throwing them a little party home home on the range. The theme is tropical and I want to keep things fresh and fun while avoiding the usual cliches that come with an island themed party. I think this inspiration board gives me enough clarity to go ahead and get busy designing the invitations!

Making this inspiration board was tons of fun (I love any excuse to play with InDesign). Any suggestions on what inspiration board to do next?

Image featured above  from Instyle Weddings.

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