Family Dinner


Last night I invited my family over for dinner and we had such a lovely time that I felt inspired to write a quick post about it. It’s amazing how upgrading the act of eating to a meal can make such a difference. Despite the plethora of serving dishes and place mats in my cupboards, most of my meals (whether eaten alone or with the husband) are consumed away from the dining table. The coffee table or often my desk are the main food consumption sites in our household. We didn’t do anything fancy, but sharing a meal at a table, using serving dishes and matching porcelain, illuminated by the subtle flickering of a few tea light candles made for a wonderful evening. I have to admit, I was looking for an excuse to use all the new serving dishes I bought at Crate and Barrel last weekend. No sense letting those babies malinger on the shelf when they look oh-so-good filled to the brim with delicious food.

Although I am eager for fall, I wanted to celebrate late summer produce and so we had pasta with sauteed zucchini and summer squash and a simple peach crostata for dessert. (This is the recipe I made, with a few alterations including more spice and more peaches- yum!) I picked up the recipe from and it is definitely worth making again: it was not only delicious, but an impressive, budget-friendly dessert great for gatherings or just one hungry family! My mom inspired me to try it reheated for breakfast. I rationalized that the dish is essentially biscuits and baked peaches, fairly healthy when not topped with ice cream and rum glaze like it was last night, and gave myself permission to enjoy a hearty slice with my morning coffee.

Anyway, I want to thank my family for coming. We will have to do this again! Entertaining a small group like this one can be just as satisfying as a large party and requires a lot less time and $ to throw together. I will leave you with a few more shots of the peach crostata- hope it makes your mouth water as much as it does mine!




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