Tropical Wedding Shower Invitations


Hooray! The invitations are finished. I printed these on a metallic gold cardstock and had the worst time trying to get it to photograph accurately. The invitations are more of a sand color in real-life. Who knew something so good (sparkles!) could be so frustrating. Everything on the invitations (including the flowers!) was designed by me, so please don’t steal my work. (e-mail me if you want me to design some invitations for you!).

Since the guest list wasn’t outrageous, I personalized each invitation with the names of the recipients and their assigned dish (I’m taking everyone up on their generous offers to help!). The cards that I used came 10 to a pack bundled with envelopes. I spiced up the standard flat cards with a little belly band at the bottom of each card and then created custom envelope seals by punching flower shapes out of the same paper I used for the band. The paper was another creation of my own – how else do you think I managed to match the colors from my inspiration board? Please forgive the blurred areas on the photographs. No offense, but unless you receive one of these invitations in person, I’d rather you not show up at my house that afternoon.






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