Rory Week 2 – The Adorableness Continues to Grow


Rory has been a part of our little family for  more than a week now and, being the over-involved “mom” that I am, decided it was high time to update the internet on her progress. She’s a doll! Not only is she sweet, she’s a very fast learner. Within 2 days she had already learned how to “shake” and now I would say she has mastered the technique. She’s also caught on to “wait” and “ok”, which are crucial. We go on walks every day and she is extremely well-behaved on a leash. She has even learned to curb her instinct to lunge after squirrels and rabbits and instead sit and look at me, longing for permission to go after the rascals. We don’t allow her to pull or walk ahead of us. She’s still a puppy, so she tires easily, but I have faith that she will be an excellent running partner for me for years to come. Brushing her in the evening has become a ritual that we both enjoy. She seems to think it is some sort of special treat for her and it reminds me of the way I used to brush my dolls’ hair when I was young.

Rory relaxes with one of our friends.

Rory relaxes with one of our friends.

Rory loves to be with people, and her devotion to us makes her the perfect companion. I love to have her follow me around the house and sit at my feet. In fact, she is laying by my computer chair as I type this. We’re also working on different games – she didn’t really know how to “play”. She’s learning how to play tug with her rope, and Tyler is beginning to teach her how to fetch. Fun for everyone! We feel really lucky to have found her!


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