DIY Orchid Hair Pins


Perfect for a tropical wedding, shower, or just feeling glamorous! I made a dozen of these orchid hair pins as favors for the ladies to wear at a recent bridal shower in lieu of the done-to-death plastic leis. You could certainly make these even more fabulous by adding additional embellishments or using higher end materials, but sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple.


  • fake flowers, at least as many as hair pins you want to make – if not more
  • hair pins or clips (I used a bobby-style pin with a large round surface for decorating)
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors


  • remove fake flowers from stem and trim the plastic piece on the back so that the flower lies flat
  • place a drop of hot glue onto your hair pin
  • attach flower to glue, press firmly (but carefully! hot!)
  • let dry







See? That was so easy I really didn’t need to write instructions! For more fullness you can take two flowers apart and combine them. Glue the layers separately so they are sure to be firmly affixed. Adding a layer or two of tulle underneath the flowers or accenting them with beads or crystals would make these simple accessories even more glamorous.

As usual, I bought my materials on sale (50% off at Hobby Lobby) so the whole project cost me around $3.00.

Me, modeling the hair accessory prior to the bridal shower.

Me, modeling the hair accessory prior to the bridal shower.




One thought on “DIY Orchid Hair Pins

  1. this is so elegant love it i used this idea to make it into a headband instead though and wore it on prom night you rock girl!!!!!!!

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