Updates on My Life


For those of you dying to know, here are a few headlines:

1.) THE COUCH CAME. I finally convinced Tyler that we needed to buy a grown-up couch that we both liked that looked good and felt good and was an investment for the future (very grownup) and ten weeks later it has finally arrived! The color looks great in the room and it’s a huge improvement over what we had before. The bad news? The couch is actually a sectional, and I ordered it facing the wrong way. Let me be clear- the couch came exactly as I ordered it and I DID measure it ahead of time. In fact, I agonized over the decision for weeks and finally my obsession with cushion size prompted my choice. Yes, cushion size. The sectional is two pieces- a sofa side and a loveseat side. The sofa side has three equally-sized cushions. The loveseat has two cushions that are larger than the corresponding sofa cushions. This means that if you are facing the loveseat, you will see a small corner cushion on the left side of two larger cushions. Because of my cushion obsession, I insisted that the three same-size cushions be the ones we sit on, i.e. the ones facing the tv. This was the wrong choice from a decorating standpoint. Oops. So now I am trying to figure out how to reconfigure side tables and chairs to make this arrangement work. Did I already say oops? Oops.

Something that made me giggle (perhaps showing that buying a couch is not the only requirement for being a grownup): The sales manager from the furniture store sent a card with the furniture delivery. Maybe it’s good customer service, maybe it’s just silly… You decide. With close to a decade of sales experience, I know that this kind of personal touch can make the difference- and maybe it will turn us into return customers -but at the same time, I feel it’s a transparently gimmicky touch, especially since I suspect he pulled my name off the receipt and not out of his memory.

(Anne, Thanks for allowing us to help you with your purchase)

(Anne, Thanks for allowing me to help you with your purchase - Tom)

2.) I made DELICIOUS banana nut oatmeal this morning. This has become one of my favorite breakfasts. If you have five minutes to prepare breakfast and like the whole “banana nut” flavor- please take my advice and make it on the stove. Mix 1/3 cup of oat bran or regular quick-cooking oats + 1 cup water or milk (less if you like it thick) and add sliced banana (I use 1/2 a banana) and a sprinkling of crushed walnuts. Cooking the banana WITH the oatmeal releases so much flavor (and sweetness!) that I swear you will never go back to the pre-packaged stuff again. I like to toss in a few pinches of spices (nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, salt) and top with a tablespoon of brown sugar. Warm, sweet, satisfying – even more so on a morning that’s finally chilly enough to see the steam rising from your bowl!

3.) Rory continues to come out of her shell! She’s gotten TONS more playful and she’s so cute bounding across the living room with her rope. She’s even learned to play with us and we have a few games. The playfulness can cause some casualties, though. She is pretty massive, after all, and those paws are monster. Last night after our walk Tyler decided to be playful, too, and he pinned me- he tickled me while Rory licked my face. I inadvertently got a paw in the eye. It split my contact completely in half! Luckily the eye doesn’t seem too bad- there’s a little blurriness but I’ve been through this routine before and it should be fine in a day or so. Rory’s also been, as my mom says, “a naughty toddler” – testing boundaries and testing us. We’re keeping her in her place though, and I swear, she seems to be happier when she is following the rules. She still follows me from room to room although now she has some independent moments, either napping in a cushy spot or going after her bone. AND best of all – she is starting to respond to her new name. There is definite recognition of the word “Rory”. Yay!

Rory likes to lay on the floor behind my chair while I work in my office.

Rory likes to lay on the floor behind my chair while I work in my office.


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