Simple Things – Trim Your Cords!

After - No Dangling Cords

After - No Dangling Cords

You  might be surprised what a difference simple things can make in your home. This weekend I took a moment to shorten the cords on all our window shades. We had installed new roman shades a couple months ago to replace the hideous rental-standard mini-blinds but never got around to customizing the cord length. Now, instead of dragging on the ground, the cords fit neatly inside the window frame when the shades are up, and zip up to their inconspicuous hiding place when the shades are down.

Before - Cords Dangling

Before - Cords Dangling

This is a quick, easy, free fix. I trimmed the cords to the same length, replaced the original cord pulls, reknotted the cords, and secured the end of the cords by melting them for a second with a lighter (since they are a synthetic material). Due to the nature of our window treatments we did not shorten them to fit the window – but if you have blinds that use slats you can easily customize those to fit your window, too. Looks better, works better. I think that’s what is referred to as a “win-win”.

Excess Yardage.

Excess Yardage.


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