Dresser Drawers

We are in the final throes of our bedroom makeover, meaning it is time for me to get down to the dirty, difficult business of purging my stuff. By stuff I mean my precious clothing, accessories, and shoes. Our bedroom (like the rest of the rooms in our cute little house!) is small. In order to help open it up, I made the decision to transfer my clothes out of the large, dark, heavy bow-front Bombay Company chest and into the mid-century dresser I had previously refinished and used in the dining room. It’s white and much more airy.

The “new” dresser sits on my side of the bed instead of at the foot of the bed. By making this furniture switch, the flow of traffic is improved, the room seems more open, and it gives us the opportunity to lean a giant mirror against the wall in the place where the old dresser stood. The mirror will be to the right of the closet, making it a perfect dressing area.

The transitioning seasons make this an ideal time to sort and purge clothing that is no longer a productive part of my closet. The “keepers” are organized and look great, making getting ready in the morning a much more pleasant process than rifling through deep, dark drawers stuffed to the brim with a mysterious mishmash of forgotten garments. I still need to purge my closet drawers, but this makes the process easier to bear by knowing what a pleasant result is in sight!




If you want to know my method for successfully folding thongs, leave a comment. Yes, I said folding. A place for everything and everything in its place! : )


Weekly Projects

This was an exceptionally busy week for home improvement projects and I will be posting about almost all of them! I know you are all dying to hear about my work so I will whet your appetites with a list. As usual, Tyler was my indispensable partner in crime.

This Week We:

-finally, FINALLY found, purchased, and placed a rug for the bedroom.

-COMPLETED Week 2 of the Kitchen Cure. This took multiple days and many, many hours. We cleared out 6 LARGE boxes of items and finally unpacked all of our wedding presents in the process.

-built an upholstered headboard for the bedroom.

-bought and assembled two vintage Danish modern chairs. Their slender frames are just the right scale for our petite living room.

This Week I:

-began my finial project for the bedroom.

-sewed my first of many adorable gifts for baby Lily. (*hint- it is NOT on the list)

-assembled gift baskets for a beloved relative with my mom and sister.

-moved the contents of my dresser into a new home, cleaning and organizing along the way.

This Week Tyler:

-raked a TON of leaves.

-vacuumed roughly a million times because of Rory.

-mounted the fire extinguisher inside the cabinet.

-organized the stuff in the basement.

-began cleaning out the garage (there is still a spider presence in the garage, therefore it is unsafe for me at the present time).

-kept me from murdering anyone. I love organizing but for some reason it makes me REALLY cranky.

Kitchen Cure 2009 – Week 1

You may recall that I am participating in the Apartment Therapy ¬†Fall Kitchen Cure this month. I finished my week 1 assignment just in time – mere minutes before the week 2 assignment was posted. Week 1 involved cleaning out the food storage areas of the kitchen. For me this meant the refrigerator, freezer, pantry, baking supplies cupboard, and coffee supplies cupboard. The cure directions suggest you eliminate food that is old or that you are never actually going to eat and make way for better things. I found a bottle of “mulling spice” I have carried with me when I have moved FIVE TIMES. It seems innocent enough, but it’s taking up valuable real estate (especially seeing as how our storage space is limited in such a way that we had to *construct* a place to store our food!), and let’s face it, if I were going to mull something, I would have by now. The week 1 instructions also state that you should wipe down containers and surfaces as you place food back into its storage area. I opted not to do this in order to save time. There is a “deep clean” coming up and I’d rather tackle everything at once. I normally wipe things down in the course of regular use, so my kitchen isn’t TOO horrifying. Next week is going to be a doozy – sorting your *stuff*… flatware, utensils, pots + pans, dishes, serving platters etc. I haven’t even finished unpacking our wedding presents, so that gives you some idea of the vastness of this assignment. I need to consolidate my stuff, Tyler’s stuff, our stuff, our presents, old stuff vs. new stuff. I’ve dedicated Wednesday to week 2’s assignment. More about that later!

And now, for the photographic evidence of my successful completion of week 1!

Refrigerator + Freezer BEFORE

Refrigerator + Freezer BEFORE


Refrigerator + Freezer AFTER

Pantry - BEFORE

Pantry - BEFORE

Pantry - AFTER

Pantry - AFTER

Baking Supplies - BEFORE

Baking Supplies - BEFORE

Baking Supplies - AFTER

Baking Supplies - AFTER (with an empty shelf above!)

Fall Puppy Update


Rory is now 8 1/2 months and has been with us for nearly 6 weeks. She’s nearly 70 pounds and you can definitely tell! She’s getting stronger and faster every day and has so much energy. A little boy we met on a walk this week recommended I change her name to “Rory the Racecar”. I take her on walks at least once a day and one of her favorite things to do is visit the playground across the street and go wild on the soccer field. We still have not taken her to obedience school, but she now responds with 99% accuracy to “sit” (even outside with lots of distractions!), and knows “wait” (especially when in relation to food or walks), “down”, “shake”, and “other paw”. She responds sometimes to “come here”, “roll over”, and to words describing her toys. She loves to race around the backyard with Tyler.



She’s very curious, and like a child, will stick anything in her mouth just in case it tastes good. In the picture below she is trying out some leaves, sticks, and a flower. It’s not all fun and games – Rory can be incredibly stubborn and she frustrates me to no end – especially when she has been digging in the mud or trying to sample her fresh poop. The good things outweigh the bad, though. I might be biased, since she is fresh and clean from her bath yesterday and spent the morning in bed with me. : ) She also LOVES to socialize with children and other dogs – so if you have some of those, bring them on over!


Facilitating the Writing Process


I spent a few hours Monday afternoon working on my book and yes, it was glorious. The sun was heating up a cozy chair, I had a fuzzy blanket for my feet, my laptop was primed and ready to go — and I had my gorgeous new coffee carafe filled to the brim and accessorized with little cups of milk and Bailey’s. Spending a beautiful autumn afternoon writing and drinking coffee – is there anything better? Of course, not all my writing time can be this luxurious, but it’s nice to indulge now and then. I swear I was more creative, too. There’s something to be said for having the right tools ; ).




My sister Naomi is having a baby girl, due on March 16, 2010. We’re all very excited to meet Lily Ann! The girls in the family count this as a “win”, although the men were a bit disappointed, as their ranks are a bit thin and could use an infusion of male-ness. I keep saying, “girls can play sports too, don’t worry!” to which my dad inevitably replies, “do you count figure skating as a sport?”. Regardless of the gender battles – Lily is a girl and she is coming soon! Very soon, when you think about it…

Of course, this means I am furiously trying to gather DIY baby project ideas and prioritize which ones I will have time to make before the latest addition to our family arrives in the spring! I’m trying to focus on practical first, and have found these simple projects to start my list:

I have a few other plans in the works, but on the off chance that Naomi reads this blog, I want to make sure there are at least a few surprises coming her way!