The Weekend, in Review

The weekend is over and there are at least three things I am pleased about. First, I got some projects accomplished in the bedroom and Tyler hung my new GIGANTIC markerboard! (taller than I am, not that this is difficult) Secondly, I took Saturday off of work (which I hate) to hang out with my husband (which I love!) and finally, we used this time to visit our annual neighborhood Oktoberfest fundraiser.

So, without further ado, some photographic evidence of my weekend.

The Fabled Markerboard. Best part? It was only TWO DOLLARS. Tyler bought it from his workplace in an auction.



Blessed Sacrament hosts an annual Oktoberfest event to raise money for families in need. Nothing fancy, but there WAS beer, err, Bier. And men dressed in Bavarian costumes. Have I mentioned I love drinking beer outside? Well, I love drinking beer outside. I was disappointed the polka band was not playing while we were there- maybe next year. Overall = success.




I’ll write about the bedroom projects later – they deserve a post of their own!

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