Best Husband Ever and Entrepreneurial Musings


Tyler left yesterday afternoon to do a bit of shopping. He said he had a surprise for me. Usually, this means he is picking up bagels or my favorite salad (fuji apple chicken) from Panera. Less frequently, a diet coke or coffee will materialize upon his return. All of these things are great. It was lunch time, so I kind of expected food. Instead, Tyler returns with a bag full of colored markerboard markers and an eraser. He said, “I want you to be able to write.” He knows my penchant for organization and office supplies, and especially my urge to color coordinate my ideas. Not only was it a gift I was genuinely excited to receive (I love office supplies, yes, I know it’s geeky), the sentiment filled me with warm fuzzies. And- it worked! Last night I transfered my plot outline notes and character notes for my book to the giant markerboard, color-coded and all. It really helps to have a visual up there while I hammer away at my laptop. He is enabling me to follow my dreams.

I encountered another person attempting to show me the path to enlightenment a few days earlier. On the weekend I work at a retail store and deal with the public. I hope you can hear the condescension in my voice. Anyway, a fine member of this aforementioned “public” decided to start a conversation with me AFTER he had ascertained that I could not help him with his shopping needs (I can’t help you, move along!). He asked me about lunch and tried to tell some jokes and then informed me that I should be an entrepreneur. I happen to agree with him, but I did not give him the satisfaction of admitting it, because this guy did not know me. It’s interesting that his opinions about my lunch plans would open his mind to a revelation about my career path. Wow, thanks so much for sharing, I was just going to keep working my lame part-time jobs forever but you have showed me the way. Although, during economic downturns (how I hate that phrase), people do turn to the idea of working for themselves more and more often. It’s natural for the thought to be on his mind, especially since he alluded to a mid-life career change of his own. It’s an option a lot of people never even consider.


2 thoughts on “Best Husband Ever and Entrepreneurial Musings

  1. I need one of these! And when I started typing that sentence I meant a white board and markers when I said “these” but then I realized that I also need a husband! A cute one! One who brings me office supplies!

    and exclamation points: OFF

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