Acorns, Teapots, and Squash – oh my!


The days (and especially nights) are chillier. To me this signals all sorts of wonderful things, one of them being SQUASH. I love squash. I love it enough to use one of those little heart symbols about it. I ❤ squash. For dinner last night I was free to indulge my hankerings to the fullest as Tyler was away and therefore I was not required to cook something with meat in it (according to him this is how wives should keep their husbands happy).


Recipe Name: Mmmm Squash.

Ingredients: 1 spaghetti squash, 1 can diced tomatoes, salt/pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Italian seasoning, parmesan cheese

Steps: 1.) Cook squash (cut in half, scoop out sides, place halves face down on cookie sheet and cook at 375 for 45 minutes)

2.) Scoop out center of squash with a fork

3.) Mix in everything else, to taste.

This made two gigantic, enormous, stuff-your-face sized portions. I had half for dinner and the rest today for lunch. Good: It was easy. Better: It was delicious. Best: Even with the cheese and oil, still a low-calorie dish!


After dinner I got down to business making a cozy for my teapot. I had no real plans so this evolved in the moment. I’m not entirely happy with it, but I was able to satisfy my love for acorns without actually stealing any from the squirrels. The cozy is made from an old sweater that I recycled. One of the sweater cuffs also become a coffee mug warmer. They match : ). I made the cozy by cutting four equally sized panels and stitching them together, matching them so the hem of the sweater became the bottom of the cozy. I stitched these together, left an opening for the spout, and turned over the “collar” and stitched that too. I cut out some acorn shapes from felt and used some simple stitches to affix them to the wool. I was going for kind of a cute, funky effect so I didn’t try too hard to make it perfect. I have a much more sophisticated idea for a cozy for my french press so I wanted this one to be a little fun.





3 thoughts on “Acorns, Teapots, and Squash – oh my!

  1. So awesome! You know, I don’t give squash enough credit. Hmmm…what’s the squash you can make and put brown sugar on it, and it’s to die for? That’s the squash I like, but your spag. squash looked pretty darn good too! Thanks for sharing!

    As for the absolutely freaking cute cozies! I love them. I don’t drink tea (well, I acutally haven’t found a use for a tea pot) therefore I would never be able to utilize such a cute cozy. But the cup is precious, and I love the stitched acorns! Bravo!

  2. OOooo… that sounds really good. Gonna have to try it for lunch one of these days. Notice I say lunch and not dinner, as Chad not only agrees with Tyler about meat, but also would not touch the squash even as a side dish. 🙂

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