Fall Color Combo – Grey and Yellow


A house down the street from us inspired the study in grey/yellow. The yellow is so vibrant and really pops against the subdued grey background, reminiscent of saturated autumn leaves on a grey, rainy day. It’s not a new color combination, by any means, but one that felt relevant to me today. Maybe that’s because the heavy grey skies outside are heavy with rain that is pulling hundreds of fluttery yellow leaves to the ground, virtually decoupaging my patio with the fall foliage. Here are just a few quick items I picked up around the internet to continue my musings in grey and yellow.


Sources: (clockwise from top left: Climbing Vines Blouse from Anthropologie, Necklace from Round About, Saturday Skirt from J.Crew, Dandelion Cloud Little Fox from SleepyKing)

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