My sister Naomi is having a baby girl, due on March 16, 2010. We’re all very excited to meet Lily Ann! The girls in the family count this as a “win”, although the men were a bit disappointed, as their ranks are a bit thin and could use an infusion of male-ness. I keep saying, “girls can play sports too, don’t worry!” to which my dad inevitably replies, “do you count figure skating as a sport?”. Regardless of the gender battles – Lily is a girl and she is coming soon! Very soon, when you think about it…

Of course, this means I am furiously trying to gather DIY baby project ideas and prioritize which ones I will have time to make before the latest addition to our family arrives in the spring! I’m trying to focus on practical first, and have found these simple projects to start my list:

I have a few other plans in the works, but on the off chance that Naomi reads this blog, I want to make sure there are at least a few surprises coming her way!


One thought on “Congratulations!

  1. Guess who is totally getting a Snuggly Blanket? Yes, Moxie. I’ve had a sewing machine in my closet for 4 years – 4! – and have never even taken it out of the box. Time to get to work. Maybe my reward should be crafts!

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