Fall Puppy Update


Rory is now 8 1/2 months and has been with us for nearly 6 weeks. She’s nearly 70 pounds and you can definitely tell! She’s getting stronger and faster every day and has so much energy. A little boy we met on a walk this week recommended I change her name to “Rory the Racecar”. I take her on walks at least once a day and one of her favorite things to do is visit the playground across the street and go wild on the soccer field. We still have not taken her to obedience school, but she now responds with 99% accuracy to “sit” (even outside with lots of distractions!), and knows “wait” (especially when in relation to food or walks), “down”, “shake”, and “other paw”. She responds sometimes to “come here”, “roll over”, and to words describing her toys. She loves to race around the backyard with Tyler.



She’s very curious, and like a child, will stick anything in her mouth just in case it tastes good. In the picture below she is trying out some leaves, sticks, and a flower. It’s not all fun and games – Rory can be incredibly stubborn and she frustrates me to no end – especially when she has been digging in the mud or trying to sample her fresh poop. The good things outweigh the bad, though. I might be biased, since she is fresh and clean from her bath yesterday and spent the morning in bed with me. : ) She also LOVES to socialize with children and other dogs – so if you have some of those, bring them on over!



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