Kitchen Cure 2009 – Week 1

You may recall that I am participating in the Apartment Therapy  Fall Kitchen Cure this month. I finished my week 1 assignment just in time – mere minutes before the week 2 assignment was posted. Week 1 involved cleaning out the food storage areas of the kitchen. For me this meant the refrigerator, freezer, pantry, baking supplies cupboard, and coffee supplies cupboard. The cure directions suggest you eliminate food that is old or that you are never actually going to eat and make way for better things. I found a bottle of “mulling spice” I have carried with me when I have moved FIVE TIMES. It seems innocent enough, but it’s taking up valuable real estate (especially seeing as how our storage space is limited in such a way that we had to *construct* a place to store our food!), and let’s face it, if I were going to mull something, I would have by now. The week 1 instructions also state that you should wipe down containers and surfaces as you place food back into its storage area. I opted not to do this in order to save time. There is a “deep clean” coming up and I’d rather tackle everything at once. I normally wipe things down in the course of regular use, so my kitchen isn’t TOO horrifying. Next week is going to be a doozy – sorting your *stuff*… flatware, utensils, pots + pans, dishes, serving platters etc. I haven’t even finished unpacking our wedding presents, so that gives you some idea of the vastness of this assignment. I need to consolidate my stuff, Tyler’s stuff, our stuff, our presents, old stuff vs. new stuff. I’ve dedicated Wednesday to week 2’s assignment. More about that later!

And now, for the photographic evidence of my successful completion of week 1!

Refrigerator + Freezer BEFORE

Refrigerator + Freezer BEFORE


Refrigerator + Freezer AFTER

Pantry - BEFORE

Pantry - BEFORE

Pantry - AFTER

Pantry - AFTER

Baking Supplies - BEFORE

Baking Supplies - BEFORE

Baking Supplies - AFTER

Baking Supplies - AFTER (with an empty shelf above!)

5 thoughts on “Kitchen Cure 2009 – Week 1

  1. Okay, I’m impressed and feel lacking at the same time. Good job, Anne. I am hoping if I mediate on this post, I will go home and purge contents I don’t need! 🙂

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