Dresser Drawers

We are in the final throes of our bedroom makeover, meaning it is time for me to get down to the dirty, difficult business of purging my stuff. By stuff I mean my precious clothing, accessories, and shoes. Our bedroom (like the rest of the rooms in our cute little house!) is small. In order to help open it up, I made the decision to transfer my clothes out of the large, dark, heavy bow-front Bombay Company chest and into the mid-century dresser I had previously refinished and used in the dining room. It’s white and much more airy.

The “new” dresser sits on my side of the bed instead of at the foot of the bed. By making this furniture switch, the flow of traffic is improved, the room seems more open, and it gives us the opportunity to lean a giant mirror against the wall in the place where the old dresser stood. The mirror will be to the right of the closet, making it a perfect dressing area.

The transitioning seasons make this an ideal time to sort and purge clothing that is no longer a productive part of my closet. The “keepers” are organized and look great, making getting ready in the morning a much more pleasant process than rifling through deep, dark drawers stuffed to the brim with a mysterious mishmash of forgotten garments. I still need to purge my closet drawers, but this makes the process easier to bear by knowing what a pleasant result is in sight!




If you want to know my method for successfully folding thongs, leave a comment. Yes, I said folding. A place for everything and everything in its place! : )

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