Weekly Projects

This was an exceptionally busy week for home improvement projects and I will be posting about almost all of them! I know you are all dying to hear about my work so I will whet your appetites with a list. As usual, Tyler was my indispensable partner in crime.

This Week We:

-finally, FINALLY found, purchased, and placed a rug for the bedroom.

-COMPLETED Week 2 of the Kitchen Cure. This took multiple days and many, many hours. We cleared out 6 LARGE boxes of items and finally unpacked all of our wedding presents in the process.

-built an upholstered headboard for the bedroom.

-bought and assembled two vintage Danish modern chairs. Their slender frames are just the right scale for our petite living room.

This Week I:

-began my finial project for the bedroom.

-sewed my first of many adorable gifts for baby Lily. (*hint- it is NOT on the list)

-assembled gift baskets for a beloved relative with my mom and sister.

-moved the contents of my dresser into a new home, cleaning and organizing along the way.

This Week Tyler:

-raked a TON of leaves.

-vacuumed roughly a million times because of Rory.

-mounted the fire extinguisher inside the cabinet.

-organized the stuff in the basement.

-began cleaning out the garage (there is still a spider presence in the garage, therefore it is unsafe for me at the present time).

-kept me from murdering anyone. I love organizing but for some reason it makes me REALLY cranky.


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