Kitchen Cure – Week 3 Deep Cleaning

I’ve procrastinated on this week’s primary assignment. I keep the kitchen relatively clean and so perhaps I am not feeling the need as strongly as I did with weeks 1 and 2, where I desperately needed to complete the assignments. The work I’ve accomplished so far has really given the kitchen a boost and I am enjoying cooking and preparing meals in this newly organized haven.

Part of Week 3’s assignment was completing a special project, and I accomplished that earlier in the week thanks to Tyler’s handy help. Now it is time for deep cleaning. I just went to the kitchen and ended up making cookie dough instead of cleaning, so I thought making a list might help me tackle this project. Sometimes projects are overwhelming when you think of them in their entirety and this can cripple you and keep you from moving forward. I find a list the best way to overcome this inertia. Breaking down a large project into smaller tasks makes it easier to get started.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  • Clean outside of mixer, toaster, knife block
  • Clean coffee maker inside + out
  • Clean microwave inside + out
  • Wipe down exterior of refrigerator + stove/oven
  • Wipe down exterior of kitchen trash can
  • Clean burners and pans of stove
  • Clean/degrease hood
  • Move refrigerator and clean gross stuff off floor between refrigerator and stove
  • Scrub down outside of kitchen cabinets (upper and lower)
  • Scrub down kitchen walls
  • Clean windows
  • Deep clean floor – that means hands + knees scrubbing
  • Remove floor mat and clean before replacing

* Side note: I don’t believe in cleaning the inside of the oven, unless I have just spilled something in it so I am skipping this step. If you get the hankering to deep clean your own kitchen, you may want to add a few steps that I did as part of the earlier weeks’ assignments: cleaning the inside of your refrigerator/freezer, wiping down food containers, scrubbing the interiors of drawers and the shelves of your cabinets, and dusting and de-griming the hard-to-reach places of your kitchen like the tops of cabinets, the light fixtures, and the ceiling fan. I spray down and clean the counters multiple times a day so I have also omitted that from this list – but if you don’t normally use your kitchen, add countertops to your deep cleaning list as well.



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