Kitchen Cure Week 3 – Deep Cleaning Cont.

I wrote yesterday about the list of deep cleaning chores I had prepared in order to complete the Week 3 assignment for the Kitchen Cure. I am proud and somewhat surprised to report: THEY ARE FINISHED.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  • Clean outside of mixer, toaster, knife block
  • Clean coffee maker inside + out
  • Clean microwave inside + out
  • Wipe down exterior of refrigerator + stove/oven
  • Wipe down exterior of kitchen trash can
  • Clean burners and pans of stove
  • Clean/degrease hood
  • Move refrigerator and clean gross stuff off floor between refrigerator and stove
  • Scrub down outside of kitchen cabinets (upper and lower)
  • Scrub down kitchen walls
  • Clean windows
  • Deep clean floor – that means hands + knees scrubbing
  • Remove floor mat and clean before replacing
I also had to add a few to the list, things I had forgotten:
  • Clean outside of dishwasher
  • Clean light switches and electrical outlet covers
I never would have made it to the end of the list without Tyler’s help. I finished everything except the walls, the floor, and the gross hidden spaces of the floor. I was exhausted and had to leave for my second job of the day. He had just woken up from a nap (he works those early morning shifts now) and swooped in, spending several icky hours scrubbing those forlorn places.
So, our kitchen is sparkling, making this yet another week I somehow managed to finish on time. There would have been no shame in breaking up the tasks into two days but I’m glad we are done!
I decided the new, clean kitchen deserved a treat, so after work I went out and bought one of those fancy-schmancy stainless steel lidded trashcans.

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Cure Week 3 – Deep Cleaning Cont.

  1. That took a WEEK?! That’s normal cleaning protocol in the Bold OCD house…well, mostly 🙂

    ummm…degreasing the hood? That sounds slightly scary.

    PS: nanowrimo is having issues…so, I’ve tried to respond about a million times…but FYI: 15,178! Yay!

  2. Haha, I suppose I should clarify – the cleaning was the week’s assignment, however, the chores were completed in an afternoon. Most of that cleaning is “normal” except for the scrubbing the walls etc., which we have procrastinated for quite some time now ; ). (We painted all the rooms except the kitchen when we moved in and the dingy room has never inspired us to clean it well until now!)

    The hood was scary. If you are bored one afternoon and wanted to be grossed out, clean yours…

  3. Thanks Meri, I’m glad you like my blog! : ) Yes, I am on twitter as adewvall. I don’t use it a ton but it announces when I update with a new post.

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