Kitchen Cure – Week 3 Deep Cleaning

I’ve procrastinated on this week’s primary assignment. I keep the kitchen relatively clean and so perhaps I am not feeling the need as strongly as I did with weeks 1 and 2, where I desperately needed to complete the assignments. The work I’ve accomplished so far has really given the kitchen a boost and I am enjoying cooking and preparing meals in this newly organized haven.

Part of Week 3’s assignment was completing a special project, and I accomplished that earlier in the week thanks to Tyler’s handy help. Now it is time for deep cleaning. I just went to the kitchen and ended up making cookie dough instead of cleaning, so I thought making a list might help me tackle this project. Sometimes projects are overwhelming when you think of them in their entirety and this can cripple you and keep you from moving forward. I find a list the best way to overcome this inertia. Breaking down a large project into smaller tasks makes it easier to get started.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  • Clean outside of mixer, toaster, knife block
  • Clean coffee maker inside + out
  • Clean microwave inside + out
  • Wipe down exterior of refrigerator + stove/oven
  • Wipe down exterior of kitchen trash can
  • Clean burners and pans of stove
  • Clean/degrease hood
  • Move refrigerator and clean gross stuff off floor between refrigerator and stove
  • Scrub down outside of kitchen cabinets (upper and lower)
  • Scrub down kitchen walls
  • Clean windows
  • Deep clean floor – that means hands + knees scrubbing
  • Remove floor mat and clean before replacing

* Side note: I don’t believe in cleaning the inside of the oven, unless I have just spilled something in it so I am skipping this step. If you get the hankering to deep clean your own kitchen, you may want to add a few steps that I did as part of the earlier weeks’ assignments: cleaning the inside of your refrigerator/freezer, wiping down food containers, scrubbing the interiors of drawers and the shelves of your cabinets, and dusting and de-griming the hard-to-reach places of your kitchen like the tops of cabinets, the light fixtures, and the ceiling fan. I spray down and clean the counters multiple times a day so I have also omitted that from this list – but if you don’t normally use your kitchen, add countertops to your deep cleaning list as well.



Kitchen Cure Week 3 – Special Project

Week 3 of the Kitchen Cure is nearly over. Weeks 1 and 2 were brutal, but my kitchen is virtually transformed as a result. The assignments for Week 3 include completing a special project, deep cleaning, and doing something to beautify your kitchen. Cleaning isn’t much fun to write about or to do, so I thought I would share our special project. We decided to replace the ugly mini-blinds with slightly the same shades we’ve used throughout the rest of the house. Luckily for me the shades are now on clearance, so the whole project cost only TEN DOLLARS. Unfortunately, I have no idea where I will get shades for my office. I took the last two appropriately sized window treatments. But that is a problem for another day. This is Kitchen Cure, after all, not Office-Window-Treatment-Emergency.




BEFORE - Kitchen Windows


AFTER - Kitchen Windows



NaNoWriMo 2009



Stolen from the Official NaNoWriMo site - visit! sign up! donate!



I’m writing a 50,000 page novel this month.

If you are, too, add me (adewvall) to your buddylist! I’m still not sure exactly why you would want to do that, but so far it is fun for me to see how many words behind my buddies I am. Checking my buddies’ progress fuels my competitive fire and provides another easy way to procrastinate the actual process of writing the novel.

I am also getting skinny this month. Stay tuned for my November fitness page. Please also stay tuned for the riveting conclusion to the Bufftober Chronicles. I will be creating a new page shortly for all my “activities” (Bufftober, Super-Skinny-Vember, NaNoWriMo). It will be filled with gloriously cute graphics, assuming I have any spare time in between writing, running, and trying not to eat candy corn.

Kitchen Cure – Week 2

I signed up three weeks ago for the Kitchen Cure. Week 1 wasn’t bad – over the course of an afternoon I organized and cleaned up my food stores. Week 2 was another story. Week 2 was the reason I signed up for the cure in the first place. This week’s assignment had me sorting, purging, and reorganizing all my *stuff* “From little stuff like flatware to big appliances.” I took the directions to heart and organized everything from biscuit cutters and muffin tins all the way up to stock pots and appliances. This project took most of the WEEK instead of an afternoon. I started with one drawer. That drawer went fine, so I did the rest of the drawers. The next day, I did the lower cabinets. The following day I did the upper cabinets and finally sorted serving pieces and placed them in the very highest cabinets of all.

The key for me was to get *everything* out where I could see it. This meant unpacking things, emptying drawers, and bringing up wedding presents (many still with store receipts!) from the basement so I could comprehend the scope of my belongings and also answer with definity questions like, “Do I have enough whisks?”.

After the “keepers” were selected, they were wiped down and placed back in their drawers. I even bought some pretty new organizers for the occasion. : )

Week 2 also involved choosing a “special project” to beautify your kitchen. We choose to replace the ugly mini-blinds we have already torn off all the other windows in the house and replace them with the shades we used in the living, dining, and bedrooms.

Unfortunately I do not have before/after pictures to share for all the nooks and crannies of my kitchen. One afternoon while I was at the office, Tyler decided to help and got things “pre-organized” for me. This was an invaluable aid, so I didn’t even get annoyed about the lack of before photos but I just wanted to let you all know what happened. Sadly we do live in a rental, so the kitchen is blighted with ugliness beyond what we can control. Please keep that in mind and reserve judgement.

Things had gotten *really* bad because this was a project I intended to implement from the first day we moved in, meaning that we’ve had months of living in relative kitchen disarray while I allowed myself to shove things into dark cabinet recesses and casually toss them into drawers. I don’t normally live like this. You saw my folded underwear drawer, right? This project had been intimidating me for a long time – even before I moved in with Tyler I had a mishmash of stuff I’d collected over college and had been moving from place to place. This was finally the time to make a fresh start, especially now that most of our needs have been taken care of thanks to the generosity of our friends and family.

This whole process was exhausting, more emotionally and mentally than physically, although I did manage to slam my finger in a door. A few tips for those of you embarking on the process yourselves:

1. Get everything out in the open – even if that means a blanket on your kitchen floor.

2. No excuses! This is the time to HONESTLY evaluate if something is worth the space it takes up in your life and to evaluate not only what you need to get rid of – but what might need to be replaced or added. All of our vegetable peelers were rusty and (IMO) hazardous. Out they went. Off I go to Williams Sonoma : ).

3. Bring a friend. Use the support of another person to help you make those tough decisions. When I needed to be reassured that it was okay to get rid of 4 perfectly decent cookie sheets, Tyler was there to remind me about the 4 brand-new super-fancy ones I had in the cupboard. He was there to help me realize I did not need them for some sort of unidentified craft project (part of the no excuses rule).

4. Don’t stop! It’s okay to do this project in phases – but don’t let yourself quit part way through. Keep at it, little by little, until it is done!

By the time we finished Week 2, I had cleared five HUGE boxes of stuff out of the kitchen, along with a George Forman Grill and an electric griddle. A room in our basement was nearly empty thanks to all the space we cleared out upstairs for the wedding presents (now in use!) and our kitchen is filled with useful items we love and cannot wait to use! So now you know, it can be done, and despite it all- the process is well worth it. Your kitchen probably isn’t as bad as mine was, but I’m sure it’s not perfect! Are you inspired yet?



Drawer 1 Before


Drawer 2 Before



Drawer 3 - Before



Mid-Utensil-Sorting: I like to organize categorically. I start big - utensils, flatware- and start moving into ever more specific groups - baking vs. stove cooking - then down to wooden spoons, whisks, thermometers. Meanwhile I literally move the items into questions into different piles - it's visual and helps keep me from losing my place in the process if I get distracted or have to do something else for a moment.





Drawer 1 - After


Drawer 2 - After


Drawer 3 - After



Cupboard - After (many dishes still in dishwasher)



After - Tupperware, Ceramic Baking, Small Appliances, Cookie Decorating


After- Pots, Cookie Sheets, Newly Hung Fire Extinguisher


Sorting Bakeware



Bakeware After



The Discard Pile