DIY Sparkly Snowflake Shirt

Glitter extravaganza

If you have some time, you can make a glitter snowflake shirt just as awesome as the one I am modeling to the left. I love snowflakes, I love making stuff, and I love glitter. I had a party to attend this week and the hostess encouraged us to buy “ugly” Christmas sweaters to make the party festive. That’s fine, but I don’t do holidays and I don’t want to buy something ugly – it goes against my personal philosophy. So, I reinterpreted her holiday suggestion and made this beauty instead. It is SO glittery.

Instructions to Make your Own (because you definitely should):

1. Buy a shirt, or grab an old one that can’t stand spending the rest of its life without glitter.

2. Cut out snowflakes. I cut 3 different snowflakes that I used as templates.

3. Pin snowflakes to shirt and trace carefully with marker. I repeated this process many times to get my desired effect. If you are short on time, you might just do one large snowflake or maybe 3 little ones on a sleeve. My design was time intensive.

4. Trace your marker outlines with glue. Make sure this glue is designed for gluing glitter to fabric and is washable. Can you use Elmer’s? NO, you cannot!

My friend Michelle and I model our shirts - she made hers, too, but her snowman is made from felt, not glitter.

5. Apply copious amounts of glitter. I used Martha Stewart’s stuff- it’s a very fine grain and looks great. I also had a ton left over from the wedding. This should be a fun, easy project- so use what you have.

6. Lay flat to dry overnight.

7. Shake glitter off and prepare yourself for spending months finding glitter around your house in unlikely places. I’m convinced it gets in the heating/cooling system and takes a magical journey to the far reaches of your home.

Note: Most of us have done some sort of t-shirt decoration project along the way but as a reminder- you WILL want to have some sort of paper or cardboard layer between the front and back of your shirt so the marker and/or glue does not bleed through.

Obviously you could trace any shape you wanted to – it does not have to be snowflakes. I thought it would be cute to do silhouettes of something else seasonal/adorable like reindeer kissing or a snowboarder jumping or even a monochromatic scene of evergreens-simple designs are easiest to trace.  I think you’ll agree snowflakes work pretty well, too. : )


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