Hot Chocolate on a Stick

As I have mentioned before, I do not celebrate Christmas. However, winter is my favorite season and during this time of giving/receiving I feel it appropriate to make a small gesture toward my friends, family, and coworkers to thank them for their friendship and generosity and to provide a little treat to brighten the long winter days. Whether for a Christmas gift, a winter wedding favor, or just a small, cozy gesture for someone you love, I think you will agree that these gifts hit the spot. Enter: Hot Chocolate on a Stick.

I followed this recipe and made the portions in ice cube trays, adding an extra large “craft stick” as a handle for stirring. You can find craft sticks of a variety of kinds at Hobby Lobby. After allowing the chocolates to cool overnight, I wrapped them in cellophane, tied them with ribbon, and curled the ribbon. I placed the hot chocolates into tall resealable plastic bags. My favorite part was designing the packaging. I included helpful “instruction sheets” inside the bags. The packages are accented with patterned paper I bought at Hobby Lobby and cut into 3″ x 6″ strips then folded and stapled over the bag. I used patterned paper on some and red textured paper on others. The final touch is a gift tag wishing the recipient warm greetings from Tyler and me.

I did plenty of “quality control” and can assure everyone these are quite delicious ; ). The project was a bit time consuming, but easy enough for anyone to try. Even if you don’t plan to give these as gifts, they make it easy and convenient for you to enjoy individual portions of *real* hot chocolate any time you want. Don’t get confused, people, we are talking about hot chocolate, not hot cocoa, and there is a world of difference. Stay warm!


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