Instead of making hard and fast resolutions, writing down measurable goals and due dates, I use the span of a year to focus on various pursuits I have deemed ‘priorities’ for this phase of my life. Some of these are born of necessity – last year the wedding and wedding recovery ate up the majority of my year – but this year I feel more freedom than ever to shape the course of the coming 300-odd days. Freedom can be dangerous, though, and I’m terrified of slipping comfortably into an unexamined (but pleasant!) existence. I’m happy and my life is a fortunate one, although I feel the drive of purpose pushing me forward.

In no particular order, because these foci are equally although differently worthy, I want to focus on the following:

-WRITING – Treating this pursuit as a serious endeavor, making time for it daily, honing my craft, plotting a roadmap to my goal(s) and actively seeking out and creating opportunities to turn my passion into an income-generator with career potential.

-HEALTH/LIVING WELL – I want to feel good and look great. Better than ever, in fact.

-EDITING – I want to edit my life, leaving only the best, and then make time to savor it.

-EXPLORATION – Push myself to try new things, go new places, and challenge my routines.

-RELATIONSHIPS – Cultivate deep and meaningful ones while making an effort to reach out and connect with new people but allowing myself to stop wasting time and energy on fruitless ones.

-CREATIVITY – Make time to nurture my creative impulses and feed my imagination.


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