Heart Shaped Doily Party Decorations

Inspiration. I hear that sometimes it strikes, but usually it manages to avoid me. Don’t misunderstand  – I am frequently inspired, but I normally see a more direct connection between my ideas and their birthplaces. Doilies have been popular in the blogosphere for a while now. I even did a post on them some months back. For Christmas and winter decorations, some suggested cutting snowflakes out of doilies and stitching them together. Honestly, I thought this ended up looking like crap.

However, Hobby Lobby has heart-shaped doilies for Valentine’s Day. Sew a few of these together, as I randomly did the other night, and BAM, you have adorable decorations perfect for a Valentine’s Party or teacher’s classroom, a wedding, a bridal shower, or in my case, a baby shower. The shower is roughly butterfly themed, with a pallet of whites and pinks so these are going to be perfect (although these are hearts the shape echoes the butterfly motif without being overly matchy)! They took mere minutes to throw together and at $1.47 a pack, are affordable as well. I plan to buy more today. I also stitched a few of the larger ones together, alternating the position of the heart, into a quick and easy table runner. These would also be cute glued to toothpicks and used to decorate cupcakes. Of course, you could also use them as doilies, but where is the fun in that.


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