Nursery Sewing Progress

I’ve had a difficult week with a lot of stressful work stuff to deal with, so I am not as far along as I hoped. However, I have all the fitted sheets cut (4), and one of them sewn to completion. Fitted sheets are eeeeeasy to make but feature lots of my least favorite (and time consuming) thing- pinning hems! My back aches from leaning over the table pressing and pinning and pressing some more. But, the finished product looks fantastic. I also stitched a quick “L” shaped pillow. I know that the baby won’t actually use most of the decorative accents, at least not yet, but we want the nursery to look cute for the baby shower so I’m trying to spice things up. Pillows are fun- I have so many ideas for decorative pillows. I just hope I have enough time to make something more complicated. I also have the pieces for the quilt cut and the valances have arrived (thank you ebay!). After work today I am going to buy some white “pom pom” trim for the valances. I like projects like that one – they are quick and produce satisfying results. I hope to get the quilt, valances, and maybe another pillow done this weekend so I can work on the crib skirt next week. That promises to be more time consuming, especially since I am altering the pattern. I have to admit- I’m eager to finish these projects not only so the nursery can be complete, but so I can move on to a few things for myself. It’s been years since I’ve sewn myself a garment and I have some special fabric I’ve been saving. Thanks to a $0.99 pattern sale at the fabric store, I also have some super cute dress patterns I am dyyying to dig into. ; )


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