Nursery Art Inspiration

An example of graphic, embroidery hoop art from "What Delila Did"

Image from Meg Duerksen of her "Whatever" blog.

Lily-Ann’s nursery is still a work in progress, but I feel a few stepscloser after being inspired by the adorable art collages I’ve spotted in bedrooms around the internet. This display by Meg Duerksen is what initially caught my eye. The variation in color, size, and texture is appealing and offers a practical solution that unites disparate elements. I’ve already shown you the bedding fabrics and described some of the other design elements in the nursery, but beyond that color scheme comes the whole range of adorable pinks and reds and denims and who-knows-what of the baby clothes and accessories that don’t necessarily “go” with the rest of the room.

Typographical elements are particularly fashionable right now, but I’ve always been a fan of letters and words as art. We could use the “L” from her name as a repeating motif, represented in 3-D form, painted on canvas, and even stitched and framed with an embroidery hoop. This is a great opportunity to re-purpose old frames, giving them a coat of spray paint in a fun color. For the moment we can frame just about anything. I particularly like the book covers represented above. I’m toying with the idea of a shallow ledge, hung out of reach of growing arms and legs, displaying nesting dolls or some other small but colorful toy as a contrast to the larger elements on the walls. Among this display will be a hook hung from the wall that will jut out over the crib and provide an anchor for the mobile. We might even need two mobiles. There is symmetry to consider ; ). This will be a simple, fun, and low-budget art installation that will really make a statement.

*Top photos clockwise from right: Eco Modern Nursery, Lerkaj, Uauages.

*Photo right: What Delila Did


One thought on “Nursery Art Inspiration

  1. I love the big READ!

    Those pics are giving me ideas for my own space. I’m obsessed with reading DIY blogs and have seen some really amazing stuff that was recreated for super cheap. It makes me want to never work again so I can just decorate and sit in the beauty!

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