2010 Explorations – Ongoing

-EXPLORATION – Push myself to try new things, go new places, and challenge my routines.

One of my goals for 2010 is to explore. These explorations don’t have to be grand adventures (although I wouldn’t rule one of those out), just small challenges to try something new.


  • We took Rory to the Arkansas River to walk, meet geese, and play in the water. This was a new experience for her, too! It’s especially fun to try something new with a friend, whether of the human or canine variety. Witnessing their exploration and experiencing something new together is both fun and stimulating. As it happens, Rory did not care for the geese, although she loved sniffing their poop. We also learned that she is not averse to water, just baths. Even though it was winter, she loved wading into the water and splashing around.
  • I prepared pork ribs and a HAM for the first time. I’ve never been much of a meat-eater, and hence not much of a meat-cooker, but it was nice to add some variety to our weeknight menus, which had fallen into a bit of a winter funk. Next time, we are not buying ribs at Sam’s, though. We ate them for five nights. Two people should probably not buy meat in bulk. The ham was great, too, although I would recommend the same advice. Less is more, people.
  • Tyler and I have been sampling beers. We both enjoy different styles of beers and by sampling each other’s choices, we have been exposed to an even greater variety. I have three new favorites that I can’t wait to buy again. Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat (a stout), Tommyknocker Maple (mmmm…), and Avery White Rascal, a Belgian style wheat beer.
  • Now that Tyler and I are “morning people” as his coworkers call us, we’ve started getting out earlier in the day. Instead of treating ourselves to a late dinner out at a restaurant, we’ve begun splurging on breakfast. I’m totally fine with this as breakfast is my favorite meal. In the past couple weeks, we’ve gone to two “new” places: Jimmy’s Egg and Good Egg. Good Egg is a local breakfast spot. I thought it was a little overpriced, but the pancakes were HUGE. I should have only ordered one because it was at least a foot in diameter. These pancakes were the size of the things you see on Man Vs. Food. I liked the fact that you could choose various “mix-ins” for the pancakes batter and whole wheat pancakes were an option at no extra charge and the flavored coffee was excellent. I can see us going back. The chairs were all park benches, though, and not very comfortable ones, so they do get a demerit for that.

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