Making Cubicle Life Bearable Part 1

After more than a year of working primarily (luxuriously!) from my bright, sunny, well-appointed home office located conveniently near to a high-end coffee maker and accessorized with a loveable doggie and uber-comfortable easy chair, I have received a “promotion” and been ordered back to the office: back to the cubicle, in fact. This life is neither comfortable, convenient, nor stylish, so I plan to do something about that. My search for coping mechanisms will be ongoing. Here are a few items I’m adding to my survival kit/wishlist:

1.) Large thermos. Sometimes (for me, all the time) 12 ounces of coffee is not nearly enough. Enter this snazzy Nissan stainless steel vacuum seal thermos. This baby comes in several sizes, but I’ve targeted the 26-ouncer as an ideal portion. Available all over the web for roughly $25, if you have this now, check out Amazon (and no, I don’t get paid if you buy it.)






2.) An awesome bag for toting work and lunch supplies to-and-fro. I’ve got my eye on something classic and durable and made of leather. It needs to be a monster of a bag, so dimensions are one of the things I’ve had my eye on. I’m extremely tempted (it’s already in my cart) by the Ryder Hobo from J Crew, on sale for $149 (with an additional 30% off!) in Golden Amber. I LOVE the Ryder Tote, but sadly the only color left is “shadow” and I want something in a warm, happy tone to sit on my desk and brighten up my gray cubicle. I also happen to be really into tan as my neutral of the moment. I just thought you would like to know, my voracious readers, you. The tote at left, from Talbot’s Outlet, is also a nice option at $49.99. For a truly gorgeous, out-of-(my)-reach bag, check out this leather satchel in the men’s department at J Crew.




3.) Cute Black Booties, for the Woman About Town (that’s me). I’ve been searching all winter for the perfect pair of black leather booties to transition seamlessly from weekday work slacks to weekend denim and finally found these Italian calfskin sleek booties at Talbots. Simple styling with a high heel and a pointed (but not too pointy) toe combined with a rock bottom price tag made these too good to pass up. You know, if I keep shopping at this pace, working at the office is going to get very expensive. Stay tuned for more!

*EDITED 1/27 TO ADD: GRRRR! Extreme anger! These WOULD have been perfect…I ordered these boots yesterday afternoon and more than 12 hours later, Talbots emailed me to say they were out of my size. Thanks a lot. Now all the other cute boots are sold out, too. What am I going to do?! Should I get the croc embossed ones in a 1/2 size smaller? I don’t really love the croc but where else am I going to find $40 boots?!


2 thoughts on “Making Cubicle Life Bearable Part 1

  1. Cubicle life sucks.

    Have you seen those little hook-thingys that go on your desk so that you can hang your bag up on the side? I imagine that description I just gave is nowhere near helpful, so if I remember tomorrow I’ll try to find a link to one and send it. They’re cuuute, but I don’t know what the proper name for them could be.

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