Making Cubicle Life Bearable Part 2

Earlier this week I tantalized you with some cute accessories that form the foundation of a survival kit of sorts intended for us working folk (Making Cubicle Life Bearable Part 1). While thanking my lucky stars that today is a work-from-home day, I spotted a few adorable accessories on Etsy that I just had to share. These items are specifically intended to make your cubicle, aka depressing home away from home, more appealing. Happy people are more productive, so why not use office supplies that bring a smile to your face? You might even be able to use these purchases as a tax write-off. These would make *me* smile, and at a respective $7, $10, and $20 each, they are relatively affordable indulgences. I’m a sucker for cute pencils, though, and these sassy red implements are at the top of my office supply wish list. What are your must-haves for outfitting your office workspace? Would you be more likely to splurge on lumbar support or fancy pens? Do you buy yourself office supplies or make do with the work-provided selection, content to get in and out with a minimum of fuss and expenditure? I never used to “believe” in buying things for work. They pay ME after all, not the other way around. But, the older I get and the more time I add to my lifetime punchcard, the more willing I am to shell out a few extra dollars in order to make my day more pleasant.

XOXO Pencils by simplesongdesigns

Fabric Covered Button Pushpins - Eye Exam by LeBoutique

Letterpress Desk Calendar by katemajoie


One thought on “Making Cubicle Life Bearable Part 2

  1. I buy a lot of office supplies because I like using pink and purple pens, cute journals for taking notes (can almost always find these at Michaels for $1), colored sticky notes, etc. My office only buys standard colors, so I’m willing to shell out a little to make my space more ME.

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