Happy Anniversary to Us!

One year ago, February 28, 2009, Tyler and I were married. The ceremony began at 3:30 PM and the revelry lasted well into the next morning. We were thankful to share the day with so many beloved friends and family members.


Pillow Talk

The living room desperately needs new accessories. I haven’t updated anything since we bought our sectional this fall and I like using textiles to pull the different elements of the room together. We have jute shades on the windows, natural linen curtains, white trim, pale blue walls, glass, metal, and wood elements, black frames and black and white photographs, a modern/rustic metal and wood entertainment center, silver light fixtures with linen shades, and cream carpet. A new coffee table is in the works and perhaps a rug. The sectional is a tan microfiber.

I love these soft shades of white and cream. They set a soothing mood and provide lots of interesting textural opportunities. I prefer low contrast and wish the sofa were a lighter hue to coordinate with my favorite pillows, but we thought that would be insane considering we eat almost every meal on the couch and Rory loves to splay out on the ground and rest her paws on the side of it. For us, pillows are practical, not just pretty. I use a minimum of five to create a nest for myself when I watch television and Tyler loves to nap on the couch.

These are inspiration photos. I have some materials already and will buy the rest of the fabric later. Pillows are so easy to sew it would be crazy for me to shell out upwards of $50 each, especially since the designs I favor are very simple to mimic. Canvas, linen, wool felt, faux fur and knits are all good candidates. I have a few existing pillows I may make over to fit in with the final decorating scheme. Reusing is one of the greenest (and cheapest!) things you can do. : )

Back at home

Well, we’re back. For some reason I especially did not want to come home. Usually when we are gone, no matter how much I enjoy my trip, I look forward to returning home. This time I felt a downright revulsion toward coming home and getting back to life. This may have been at least partially due to the fact that I had to work today, but regardless, I wish I were somewhere else.

I need to snap out of this “complainy” mood and make the best of things. I’ve resolved to improve my work-related attitude although that is much easier said than done. To be honest I’m just crossing my fingers that I don’t have more work dumped on me this afternoon because I already have a lot on my plate and I just want to trudge through it and go home. Saturday is my only day off for the next 11 days, I think (unless I juggle some things next week) so I want to get it started as soon as possible!

Couples To Do List – Fall and Winter

Anne + Tyler 2009 Fall/Winter To Do List

1.) Go to a football game

2.) Go sledding

3.) Make s’mores outside

4.) Build a snowman

5.) Go ice skating together *Feb 24

6.) Host a movie night

7.) Tour a brewery *Feb 24

Just for fun. We brainstormed this list while Tyler was working late one night and we were chatting online, taking turns adding an item to the list. This list is dedicated to fun. It’s not an obligation – we don’t get in trouble for an incomplete list, but I think it will help us take advantage of the seasons. It’s so easy for things to slip your mind and before you know it, your weekend, vacation, or month is over and although you did the “important” stuff (clean the bathroom, buy groceries) you didn’t make time for the things you wanted to do together- as a couple, as a family or as an individual. There are a few more I’d like to throw in if we have time, like going to an orchard or pumpkin patch, but the weather is quickly turning wintery! We’ve already accomplished one item on our list:

1.) Go to a football game — We drove to a nearby town on Friday night to watch Tyler’s nephew play in a high school football game. The stadium was packed on both the home and away sides and I had fun trying to put my (relatively new) football knowledge to a real-life test. It’s definitely more difficult to tell what’s going on without the assistance of a team of camera men! We had a lot of fun.

I’m looking forward to seeing which item is next. I bet s’mores or a movie night will be next on the list…. I’ll keep you posted! ; )

3.) We made delicious, dark chocolate s’mores outside one crisp fall night. Tyler had left a fire burn in the chiminea all afternoon and he spread a blanket on the patio in front of it. I assembled the ingredients: Chocolate graham cracker, marshmallows, and Hershey’s special dark chocolate. Mmmm… delicious!

5.) During our anniversary trip to Kansas City, Tyler and I spent a brisk morning skating at the Crown Center Ice Terrace. I have never skated outdoors and had longed for the opportunity to try this twist on my favorite pastime. It was a bright, glittering morning with temperatures in the low teens. A chilly wind stung our ears and cheeks but it was such fun. Our weekday trip meant we had the ice to ourselves. If it hadn’t been so cold we would have stayed much longer, but as it was, an hour was quite enough time!

7.) Later in the same day, Tyler and I journeyed to the Boulevard Brewing Co. for a free tour and beer tasting. This was another highlight of our trip and we enjoyed the sights, sounds, smells, and of course, tastes, of our tour.

Monday Morning

It’s Monday morning and time is flying, so why do I feel like I am just absolutely dragging on the ground? Today I have a long day at the office followed by a long evening of trip preparations. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for a whirlwind romantic getaway to Kansas City to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Calling it a “whirlwind romantic getaway” sounds so much better than saying we’re going to sleep in, eat barbecue, and drink beer. I hope to include lots of art museum time, some outdoor ice skating, and hopefully at least one cafe on the agenda. It’s funny to hear how different the trip sounds from each of our perspectives.

Anyway, I got up late, rushed to get ready, and ate breakfast at work. I have my huge thermos of coffee with me, although I’m trying not to imbibe too much because I am going to the rink on my lunch break. Hooray! Exercise AND fun. Hopefully the day does not end in disaster. I inspected my skates last night and noticed to my absolute horror that the glue on the heels is beginning to give way. It makes sense – I’ve had these puppies for 9 years now (hard to believe it’s been that long) and have definitely racked up the miles on them. I checked and they seem stable, but I’m still going to take it easy. Don’t need any broken ankles right now. I really need a new pair of skates (boots + blades) but to get ones appropriate for my level, that I can use for another several years will run me close to $1000, and that’s if I shop “cheap”. Sadly that is too large a percentage of my annual income to swing right now, but I will keep my eyes out for a bargain.

Remember my last post, about my spring wardrobe wishlist? I found a bargain on a cute pair of new J.Crew capris on ebay and snapped them up this morning. They’re a size smaller than my current pants. Admittedly, that particular cut of pants is a bit loose on me and I am starting to run again as the spring thaw sets in over the next few weeks, so hopefully I will slim up a bit. Still – This may have been a stupid purchase. We will see.

I have a delicious fruit salad waiting for me for lunch. Blackberries, blueberries, papaya, and nectarine, served with a side of cottage cheese. I can’t wait. I don’t want to eat too much before I skate, but I am having a hard time resisting that cornucopia of fruity goodness. For some reason all the fruit I’ve found at the grocery store lately has been ripe, sweet, and juicy. This is not normal for Kansas in the winter, but I am loving it.

I hope to have time to post two recipes + pics for you before I go out of town: Chicken teriyaki and the ultimate chewy chocolate chip cookie. Stay posted…

Spring Shopping 2010

In an effort to curb my online shopping urges this afternoon, I made this little inspiration board. That way, when I spend $$ on clothes I will know I am being consistent with my mission! This season I need to replenish my basics, so the board is not exactly exciting. Still, it does help get me in the mood for spring. Shopping will do that.

I’ll post sources later (J.Crew, Old Navy, Anthropologie, Gap), but for now I am off to mix up a couple batches of cookie dough to keep in the freezer for the hubby. Don’t you hate when people say “hubby”? Anyway, now that I am at the office all day long and too exhausted when I get home to even think of mixing sugar and butter together and plopping it on a tray, I want to make sure he has constant access to freshly-baked goods ; ). We have a bit of a barter system going in that arena. I keep the supply of chocolate chip cookies constant, and he does projects for me around the house. I have some shelves that need to be hung in the office soon…..

Updated to Add Shopping List for My Own Reference:

  • Jeans (trouser or boot cut, work-appropriate)
  • Khaki casual/work pants (in a color)
  • Cardigan (1 grey, maybe another)
  • White shirts (sleeveless, cami, short sleeve, and button-down)
  • Equestrian belt
  • Skirt (sew?)
  • Bermuda shorts or capris
  • Woven Dress (sew?)
  • Fun, long necklaces inspired by the sea
  • Bright patterned clutch or purse (sew?)
  • Leather tote (for work)
  • Camera case (for my new baby!)
  • Flats
  • Athletic-inspired sneakers for running errands etc.

Europe, Here We Come!

Tyler and I will be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary in just over a week. We wanted to do nice things for each other, and we’ve debated a lot of ideas. I even broke down and offered to combine our “present funds” (we each keep a running savings account to buy gifts for one another) and go on a *quick* Caribbean getaway. (I prefer longer trips but I know how much Tyler enjoyed Jamaica last year). After some serious discussion, we ultimately decided to do nothing. Go nowhere. Instead, we are combining our funds and beginning to save for a big European trip within the next (hopefully) two years.

I spent two weeks in Europe five years ago and loved it. The memories are still so vivid. I traveled to the four German-speaking countries with German-speaking high school classmates and visited places like Munich, Frankfurt, Innsbruck, and Lucerne. We still have plenty of time to hammer out the details, but I am already agonizing over whether we should head to the south of France or spend a leisurely vacation cruising the Mediterranean or hit up the hotspots of old Europe that I missed the first time (Prague, Vienna, Berlin, for starters). Tyler likes the idea of going somewhere with a beach. I wonder if Finland counts. I’m so excited to be able to plan another trip to Europe. I never thought I’d be able to convince Tyler to take a plane flight that long.

This discussion helped establish some things that are important to us. I *was* lobbying for a diamond band to accent my plain white gold one and Tyler might have been getting an iPad from me. As much as I love bling, Tyler and I would prefer to spend our resources on experiences; memories, adventures, than on ‘stuff’ – as nice and as fun as that stuff may be. Everyone is different, but this is what is important to us.