I hope you imagined the word “Monday” as it would sound being breathed by the voice of doom. Yes, doom. I am sitting here in my cubicle, sipping coffee from a blue SOLO cup and wondering how my torture has only lasted 90 minutes so far. I had an restless night. Despite the fact that I went to bed early and fell asleep easily, I did not stay asleep and I was definitely not comfortable. I tossed and turned and found aches and pains in every direction. My  mind received no respite either, filled with strange and all-consuming dreams. Most of the dreams were about LOST (Tyler and I have managed to watch 5 seasons in about a month in order to catch up in time for the season premiere). I don’t remember the plot of my dreams but I know that somehow I ended up magically pregnant as some sort of test and James (Sawyer) was reeeeally annoyed about that. We were in flight and having a pregnant chick along for the adventure presumably would slow down our progress and our chances of survival.

Anyway, I managed to roll out of bed early enough to get a workout in before I had to head for the office. The drive here was pleasantly surreal. The ground was white and so was the sky. Dense fog blanketed the fields and parking lots and lent the trees a shimmering dusting of frozen jewelry. I have been pretty good so far about planning ahead for my workday and packing my food, work supplies, gym gear and other items the night before. I brought along a Bach CD to give the commute a soothing sound. I hate morning radio shows. Violin partitas are much better for easing the transition from sleeping to waking.

My friend Michelle and I went shopping over the weekend and I found a great deal on a 1L thermos. I am a bit sad to report that its contents are already half depleted. Did I mention I’ve only  been here an hour and a half?! There are still SEVEN AND  A HALF MORE HOURS in my workday!

Speaking of which, UGH. Maybe it’s my lack of rest, maybe it’s just… the way it is, but UGH. I’m waiting on my boss to return from the post office for a meeting that was supposed to begin at 10:30. I’m sure she’ll be here momentarily so I had better assemble my notes.

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