I’ve recently (as in about an hour ago) started writing articles for Examiner.com. I’m not sure yet if this is lame (ie a scam to get me to do a lot of work for nearly free) or if the exposure and the lure of writing for an audience will make this awesome. So far I have earned $1. Go me.  I submitted an expanded version of my article about doily decorations to catch any last-minute Valentine’s Day crafters who might be wandering the web right now. If you’re curious (and didn’t manage to catch the ridiculously simple directions the first time around), check it out. I think I earn more money if you read it, so… feel free ; ).

Romantic Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Doily Decorations – Fast, Easy, and Inexpensive!

What do you think? Have any of you done this whole Examiner.com thing before? Is it worth the time or is blogging the way to go?


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