Cookie Projects

At this time of year, projects that require little effort seem the most appealing to me. Maybe it’s because I just got done with the HUGE project of planning and executing my sister’s baby shower and flying through creating her nursery, too, but the simple recipes look oh-so-good to me right now. I spotted a few cookie recipes on the internet today that I wanted to share. These are simple, simple recipes. They look slightly different from my “standards” and are worth trying for that reason. Kind of like wearing a different belt with your favorite pants. You already know sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies are going to be good… but it’s fun to experience a different aspect of their goodness. More butter and perhaps even a dusting of orange zest in one case and a generous coating of sprinkles in another… Yum.

Oh Happy Day (Sugar) Cookies

Best Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’d  be happy to make one (or both!) of these recipes tonight, but Tyler isn’t feeling well and I know myself too well than to give myself THAT temptation- a batch of fresh, delicious cookies all for me… Did I mention my diet hasn’t been going well? Alas… Cookies will have to wait for another day. Feel free to try these recipes out and report back! I will live vicariously through your baking adventures.


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