Spring Shopping 2010

In an effort to curb my online shopping urges this afternoon, I made this little inspiration board. That way, when I spend $$ on clothes I will know I am being consistent with my mission! This season I need to replenish my basics, so the board is not exactly exciting. Still, it does help get me in the mood for spring. Shopping will do that.

I’ll post sources later (J.Crew, Old Navy, Anthropologie, Gap), but for now I am off to mix up a couple batches of cookie dough to keep in the freezer for the hubby. Don’t you hate when people say “hubby”? Anyway, now that I am at the office all day long and too exhausted when I get home to even think of mixing sugar and butter together and plopping it on a tray, I want to make sure he has constant access to freshly-baked goods ; ). We have a bit of a barter system going in that arena. I keep the supply of chocolate chip cookies constant, and he does projects for me around the house. I have some shelves that need to be hung in the office soon…..

Updated to Add Shopping List for My Own Reference:

  • Jeans (trouser or boot cut, work-appropriate)
  • Khaki casual/work pants (in a color)
  • Cardigan (1 grey, maybe another)
  • White shirts (sleeveless, cami, short sleeve, and button-down)
  • Equestrian belt
  • Skirt (sew?)
  • Bermuda shorts or capris
  • Woven Dress (sew?)
  • Fun, long necklaces inspired by the sea
  • Bright patterned clutch or purse (sew?)
  • Leather tote (for work)
  • Camera case (for my new baby!)
  • Flats
  • Athletic-inspired sneakers for running errands etc.

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