Monday Morning

It’s Monday morning and time is flying, so why do I feel like I am just absolutely dragging on the ground? Today I have a long day at the office followed by a long evening of trip preparations. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for a whirlwind romantic getaway to Kansas City to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Calling it a “whirlwind romantic getaway” sounds so much better than saying we’re going to sleep in, eat barbecue, and drink beer. I hope to include lots of art museum time, some outdoor ice skating, and hopefully at least one cafe on the agenda. It’s funny to hear how different the trip sounds from each of our perspectives.

Anyway, I got up late, rushed to get ready, and ate breakfast at work. I have my huge thermos of coffee with me, although I’m trying not to imbibe too much because I am going to the rink on my lunch break. Hooray! Exercise AND fun. Hopefully the day does not end in disaster. I inspected my skates last night and noticed to my absolute horror that the glue on the heels is beginning to give way. It makes sense – I’ve had these puppies for 9 years now (hard to believe it’s been that long) and have definitely racked up the miles on them. I checked and they seem stable, but I’m still going to take it easy. Don’t need any broken ankles right now. I really need a new pair of skates (boots + blades) but to get ones appropriate for my level, that I can use for another several years will run me close to $1000, and that’s if I shop “cheap”. Sadly that is too large a percentage of my annual income to swing right now, but I will keep my eyes out for a bargain.

Remember my last post, about my spring wardrobe wishlist? I found a bargain on a cute pair of new J.Crew capris on ebay and snapped them up this morning. They’re a size smaller than my current pants. Admittedly, that particular cut of pants is a bit loose on me and I am starting to run again as the spring thaw sets in over the next few weeks, so hopefully I will slim up a bit. Still – This may have been a stupid purchase. We will see.

I have a delicious fruit salad waiting for me for lunch. Blackberries, blueberries, papaya, and nectarine, served with a side of cottage cheese. I can’t wait. I don’t want to eat too much before I skate, but I am having a hard time resisting that cornucopia of fruity goodness. For some reason all the fruit I’ve found at the grocery store lately has been ripe, sweet, and juicy. This is not normal for Kansas in the winter, but I am loving it.

I hope to have time to post two recipes + pics for you before I go out of town: Chicken teriyaki and the ultimate chewy chocolate chip cookie. Stay posted…


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