Couples To Do List – Fall and Winter

Anne + Tyler 2009 Fall/Winter To Do List

1.) Go to a football game

2.) Go sledding

3.) Make s’mores outside

4.) Build a snowman

5.) Go ice skating together *Feb 24

6.) Host a movie night

7.) Tour a brewery *Feb 24

Just for fun. We brainstormed this list while Tyler was working late one night and we were chatting online, taking turns adding an item to the list. This list is dedicated to fun. It’s not an obligation – we don’t get in trouble for an incomplete list, but I think it will help us take advantage of the seasons. It’s so easy for things to slip your mind and before you know it, your weekend, vacation, or month is over and although you did the “important” stuff (clean the bathroom, buy groceries) you didn’t make time for the things you wanted to do together- as a couple, as a family or as an individual. There are a few more I’d like to throw in if we have time, like going to an orchard or pumpkin patch, but the weather is quickly turning wintery! We’ve already accomplished one item on our list:

1.) Go to a football game — We drove to a nearby town on Friday night to watch Tyler’s nephew play in a high school football game. The stadium was packed on both the home and away sides and I had fun trying to put my (relatively new) football knowledge to a real-life test. It’s definitely more difficult to tell what’s going on without the assistance of a team of camera men! We had a lot of fun.

I’m looking forward to seeing which item is next. I bet s’mores or a movie night will be next on the list…. I’ll keep you posted! ; )

3.) We made delicious, dark chocolate s’mores outside one crisp fall night. Tyler had left a fire burn in the chiminea all afternoon and he spread a blanket on the patio in front of it. I assembled the ingredients: Chocolate graham cracker, marshmallows, and Hershey’s special dark chocolate. Mmmm… delicious!

5.) During our anniversary trip to Kansas City, Tyler and I spent a brisk morning skating at the Crown Center Ice Terrace. I have never skated outdoors and had longed for the opportunity to try this twist on my favorite pastime. It was a bright, glittering morning with temperatures in the low teens. A chilly wind stung our ears and cheeks but it was such fun. Our weekday trip meant we had the ice to ourselves. If it hadn’t been so cold we would have stayed much longer, but as it was, an hour was quite enough time!

7.) Later in the same day, Tyler and I journeyed to the Boulevard Brewing Co. for a free tour and beer tasting. This was another highlight of our trip and we enjoyed the sights, sounds, smells, and of course, tastes, of our tour.


4 thoughts on “Couples To Do List – Fall and Winter

  1. I ADORE this idea! We make “we should” plans all the time and never follow through…we forget, or just don’t prioritize the time for ourselves. An actual To-Do list would keep them on the front burner…you are quickly becoming my hero!

  2. Haha, thanks Elaine! If you make a list of your own, please share! Maybe you will have some ideas I can poach ; )

    We also try to do this with restaurants. For some reason we have the hardest time figuring out where we want to get food when we eat out so for a while I kept a list on the refrigerator and every time we said “ooh, you know what sounds good? xxxxx”, we would jot it down. Now we have a go-to list for brain fart moments.

    • Well, maybe you could make that an annual winter tradition. On December 1, the Bold family gathers around the hearth, holds hands and bows their heads and prays for a snowflake. Then the ceremonial chocolate eating commences. You could also wear fun socks. Don’t dismiss the idea so quickly!

      Or, you could make snowmen out of something else – CB2‘s newest catalog has felt “snow balls” or you could use those white styrafoam balls from the craft store. Just shove a carrot in it and you’re golden.

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