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I’ve been sort of playing along with Apartment Therapy’s Spring Cure. I could use the guidance as there are a few things I’d like to do to make the house “finished” but sometimes it’s hard for me to focus on the end result that I want. To that end, I’ve been using polyvore, a free online tool that allows you to create inspiration boards. It’s far from perfect, and if I wanted a really nice looking inspiration board, I’d make it myself, but this is quick, easy, and provides access to a ton of “clippings” from across the web. Here are a few mockups I’ve made to help me visualize my rooms in their finished state.

My Office:

Ice, Ice, Baby.

Welcome to my finger, bling-age. So, by the time I finished work yesterday and walked Rory, showered, and did 5 loads of laundry, there was no time for the spring closet cleaning I planned. Fortunately, there was just enough time to go to the jewelry store to pick up my new diamond wedding band and my newly rhodium plated engagement ring. Talk about bling. Me likey. The mesmerizing sparkle of the diamonds has reduced the language part of my brain to monkey-like grunts of approval. Shiny. Me likey. Look! Sparkly! Let’s hope it’s not permanent.

Closet Cleaning – Spring Edition

I began this process in the fall, editing my wardrobe to fit into my newly miniscule closet, and found it liberating to have less. As I age my goal is to invest in fewer pieces, of higher quality; things I love. I did a lot of shopping during college thanks to generous scholarships (which I now wish I had spent on something else) but had a fluctuating body and am proud to say I am now nearly 70 pounds lighter than I was at the height of my shopping binges so all those clothes haven’t fit in a while. Working out has changed my body in other ways, so even more recent purchases no longer fit well now that I’ve added vigorous exercise and strength/toning to my former walking routine. My goal for today is to be brutally honest about what I like, looks good, and deserves a space in my wardrobe. To stay, a piece must:

1.) Fit well (must look hot!)

2.) Be in good condition (no holes, stains, etc)

3.) Be liked (no point in having a bunch of clothes you hate to wear)

4.) Be used (if I haven’t worn it in more than a year, it’s going to come up for serious review. Items that are too small will be placed on a short waitlist. If I haven’t re-lost the pounds by this summer, they have to go.) Continue reading

A Few Strange Things

I have been pondering the small idiosyncrasies that pepper our lives. I’m not talking about compulsions or weird habits, deeply ingrained, but rather the small choices we make every day that lend a bit of personal flair to our lives.

Things I Do That are a Wee Bit Strange:

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Kitchen Cure Take 2

It has been several months since I participated in Apartment Therapy’s Kitchen Cure. This blog just hosted another Kitchen Cure and although I did not participate, it reminded me that it is time for another deep cleaning in this well used room. It was a busy winter and my time working away from the home basically tripled, meaning chores like kitchen cleaning fell by the wayside. Tyler has done a great job filling in for me, but as much as he does, there are certain things that escape his notice (or caring), like cleaning out the coffee maker or wiping down spice jars. So, I decided to make an abbreviated list of kitchen tasks to “cure” my kitchen and bring it back up to snuff. Thankfully the organizational systems I put in place during the fall cure have worked well so there isn’t any huge overhaul needed, just a bit of cleaning and restocking.

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