Playing with Electricity

I have been a little distracted lately by the world of lights. I spent hours one afternoon looking up information on wiring your own lamps. Why? Because I am going to make this:

Edison Chandelier from Pottery Barn $399.99


One of the preparatory steps was to install a dimmer in the dining room because, as awesome as 10 light bulbs are, they are going to be a little overwhelming for our 8×10 space without a dimmer. I picked one up at Wal-Mart on a whim. It was only $5. Turns out, that was for a reason. It didn’t work. I convinced Tyler to go to Home Depot, and we picked out two others. One of them didn’t work, either, but this time because our ancient house wiring is HUGE. The copper wires wouldn’t fit through the holes they needed to. Finally, the third dimmer was a charm. And it’s awesome. I love having mood lighting. Thank goodness that one worked. I think Tyler was about to tell me to take a hike if I asked him to try a FOURTH one. What can I say, I don’t like giving up ; ).


3 thoughts on “Playing with Electricity

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